This game was created in less than 24 hours, in an on-site hackathon (2017). It's a fast platforming game in which you must arrived to the end of the level as fast as possible, using the pistol to restore the platforms or destroy them, creating the path necessary to reach the end. The idea was creating short-medium levels that are not too hard to finish it, but required some effort to get low times, challenging the player. 

Only two levels were possible to make, due to time constraints, and there were no way to pulish movements of the player and the camera, for the same reason, but it was a great job for being made by only one person and I had fun making it. Recommended to use fullscreen.


  • ASWD = Movement
  • Space = Jump
  • R = Reset the level
  • Left-click = Shoots white lasers (restores the platforms). Also change to the next level once you reached to the end.
  • Right-click = Shoots red lasers (destroys the platforms)

Elements used in the project:


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