Destroy fish is an arcade game where you have to catch the fish and then shoot it to score points!  With the fishing rod you lift the fishes in the air, and while they are floating you switch your rod with one of your one weapons to destroy it!

Smash repeteadly the space bar to lift the fish. The faster you smash, the higher the fish goes.

Mouse: Aim

Left click: Shoot weapon/throw fishing rod

1: switch to fishing rod

2: switch to sniper

3: switch to shotgun

Smash space bar: Lift those fish

Done by Jorge Monedero (Designer, Artist, Animator) and Gabriel Laguna(Programmer) in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 41

Music and FX:

Michel Baradari:

Blender Foundation:

Brandon Morris:


The UI now works... more or less

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